Ivan Ruddock: Archibald Scott Couper - Kirkintilloch's forgotten pioneer of chemistry: November 2020

The second of the 'virtual' meetings in the 2020-21 season of the Antiquaries is a talk on Archibald Scott Couper by Dr Ivan Ruddock, the Society's President. Couper was born in Kirkintilloch in 1831, had a brief career as a research chemist in the 1850s and then returned to Kirkintilloch where he died in 1892. 

Ivan is a physicist and retired academic whose research has focused on optical physics; he has also led large European physics projects, and been active in developing physics education and promoting the public understanding of science and engineering. In the short talk, he outlines Couper's life and career, and assesses his contribution to chemistry. 

This presentation with local connections lasts for less than half an hour and can be viewed directly by clicking on the above image of the Archibald Scott Couper or by going to the Society's YouTube channel which can be accessed by clicking here.