Jim Walker: The Roman Army and Bar Hill Fort: Barony Chambers, Auld Lirk Museum, 2.00 pm Wednesday 8th March 2017

The Roman Army advanced into central Scotland in AD140 and built a frontier we know today as the Antonine Wall. The frontier was built between the Firths of Forth and Clyde, over a two year period and covered a distance of 40 Roman miles. Bar Hill Fort was the highest on the frontier line and was located strategically above the Kelvin Valley. In this illustrated talk - Kirkintilloch and District Society of Antiquaries contribution to East Dunbartonshire's Local History Week - archaeologist Jim Walker will look at Bar Hill and some of its neighbouring forts on the Antonine Wall. He will also look at what life was like for the soldiers who served here during the 20 year life span of the frontier.
The full programme for Local History Week (4-11 March 2017) can be downloaded here.
Bar Hill Fort, Croy. (© Undiscovered Scotland)