Niall Logan: Duping the Luftwaffe - bomber decoys of World War II: Thursday 7th March 2019

Some cities of the United Kingdom were defended by decoy sites in which glowing lights or flames were used to give enemy aircraft the impression they were over the cities under attack when in reality they many miles away. In the case of Glasgow, these were located both north and south of the River Clyde.

Prof. Niall Logan is a member of the Society and has previously spoken to it on the boundary stones of Baldernock Parish. In this presentation he will describe the use of decoy sites and identify those nearby in the foothills of the Campsies.

On Sunday 3rd March, Niall will also lead a walk to the remains of a decoy site on Blairskaith Muir as part of the programme for EDLC's 2019 Local History Week. Full details are given in the Local History Week brochure which can be downloaded here from EDLC's website.

Niall Logan describing bomber decoys in the
Campsie Fells during a guided walk for members
of the Antiquaries in 2017. (© I.S. Ruddock) 
Evening meetings of the Society are at 7.30 pm in the Park Centre, 45 Kerr Street, Kirkintilloch, G66 1LF. The annual membership subscription is £10 but visitors are welcome at all of the Society's evening meetings with a donation of £3.

Edward Z. Smith: A Waterside Miscellany: Auld Kirk Museum, Barony Chambers, 2.00 pm Wednesday 6th March 2019

Each year the Society hosts an event in the programme of East Dunbartonshire's Local History Week. In 2019, local man and photographer Edward Z. Smith will present "A Waterside Miscellany". The meeting will be held in The Barony Chambers at Kirkintilloch's Auld Kirk Museum on Wednesday 6th March at 2.00 pm and members and non-members are all welcome.

Stepping stones near Waterside. (© E.Z. Smith)

Summer Outing: Saturday 1st June 2019

This year the Society's annual Summer Outing will be on Saturday 1st June 2019 to Dundee's new Victoria and Albert Museum and the nearby Discovery Point and RSS Discovery. It is anticipated that members will be able to spend approximately one and a half hours in each venue which is sufficient time to do justice to both. Please note that although a full tour of RSS Discovery involves going below deck via narrow stairs, Discovery Point and the upper deck of the ship are accessible for all.

Victoria and Albert Museum and the adjacent RSS Discovery, Dundee. (© I.S. Ruddock)

The coach will leave Sainsbury's car park, Kirkintilloch at 12.00 noon, returning in the evening at about 8.15 pm after an early dinner in the King Robert Hotel, Bannockburn. Notwithstanding the earlier start at midday, which is to make the most of the afternoon, there will not be a lunch break as both museums have cafes where refreshments can be purchased if necessary. The ticket price is £30. Please contact the Society through its email address if you are interested in taking part or have any queries.