Members’ Night: My Favourite Object: Friday 27th February 2015

The Society's annual  Members’ Night will be held on Friday 27th February 2015. This year the theme will be ‘My Favourite Object’ (reprise of a popular topic of many years ago). Members will be invited to display and describe a favourite object in their personal possession. These presentations should be broadly historical, but ‘history’ can be widely interpreted in this respect, and no limits in time or space will be set. Members will be invited to offer their personal contributions to the event at our meetings of 16th January and 13th February. About a dozen such presentations are sought with about five minutes allocated for each.
A possible favourite object? © I.S. Ruddock

David Graham: "The Glasgow Humane Society": Friday 13th February 2015

The history of this iconic Glasgow Institution will be told from its inception in 1790 until the present day. Modelled on the Royal Humane Society of London it has provide a continuous rescue service from immersions that have taken place in the River Clyde and associated lochs, ponds and waterways. Housed on Glasgow Green its history mirrors the changes that have taken place on the haughs of the river, and the development of the City as a port and a major manufacturer of ships. Largely funded by bequeaths, subscriptions and donations, it has employed Officers of the Society whose dedicated work has saved the lives of many who, either by accident or intention, have fallen into the swirling waters of the river. Recent legislation has changed the primary purpose of the Glasgow Humane Society although it and its officers remain 'dear to the heart' of the citizens of the City.

UPDATE: Iain Whyte: "Send back the money - a Scottish slavery issue": Friday 16th January 2015

Unfortunately the talk planned for Friday 16th January 2015 had to be cancelled at short notice due to the inclement weather. The decision was taken in the late afternoon during the heavy snow shower which started then. It is hoped that Iain Whyte's talk can be rescheduled for another Friday night this spring.