Society's email address

Kirkintilloch & District Society of Antiquaries's new email address has been registered and added to the "Contact Us" page. Please use it for making contact with the Society and its secretary.

As material has still to be added to the members' section of the website ("Members Area"), there is no need yet to request a username and password for access. Please check back later for an update on the situation.

Society Website

Following discussion at the Society's 2013 Annual General Meeting development of a Society Website was considered further by the Antiquaries' Committee. A subgroup comprising Ros McMeekin, Don Martin, Ivan Ruddock and David Graham was established to explore design options and to advise on content. Initial advice was sought from John Williamson, who has experience of setting up and maintaining websites.

Welcome to Kirkintilloch and District Society of Antiquaries

Welcome to Kirkintilloch and District Society of Antiquaries' new website.

This Society has a long history, dating back to 1933, but until now has managed without a website. Members and others will now be able to keep up-to-date with the full range of Society activities. The
Society would welcome views from the membership both on the kind of activities they wish the Society to organise and what they would like to see on the website.