The Antiquaries on social media and in the press

The Society is now on social media via a Twitter account created and maintained by Valerie McClure. The intention is that as time goes on, "following" and "retweeting" will spread information on its activities.

Reports of Antiquaries meetings will also be available from time to time in the Kirkintilloch Herald courtesy of. Les Jenkins. The first to be published was a summary of the first meeting of the session - "Boundary Stones of Baldernock Parish" - Niall Logan's talk on Thursday 6th October.
It is hoped that both of these initiatives will increase our public profile.

Reid Harrison and Paul Bishop: Tomatoes, Tulips and Chrysanths at Temple Farm near Allander Toll: Thursday 1st December 2016

The last Antiquaries talk for 2016 will be held on Thursday 1st December when Reid Harrison and Paul Bishop will deliver a presentation on 'Tomatoes, Tulips and Chrysanths at Temple Farm near Allander Toll'. The talk will be illustrated by a truly stunning set of coloured images of activities at the farm during the 1950s and early 1960s, taken by members of the Harrison family, the farm's owners. As a member of the family Reid Harrison remembers these activities very well - indeed he features in several of the slides. So he will present the material with some authority, ably supported by Antiquaries member, Professor Paul Bishop. Temple Farm was on the site of what is now Dobbies Garden Centre.
Reid Harrison driving the tractor at Temple Farm. (© Reid Harrison) 
Tulips under glass at Temple Farm. (© Reid Harrison)