William B Black: The Argyll gunpowder industry: Thursday 7th December 2017

For almost a century the glens of Argyll were the scene of an industry that appeared to bely their peaceful atmosphere, the manufacture of gunpowder. Produced primarily to meet the needs of a burgeoning construction industry as 19th century industry expanded, its products were sent not only throughout the United Kingdom but far across the globe. Today silence has returned to these glens but remnants remain of a forgotten industry.

In the Society's December meeting, local historian and long term Antiquaries member, William (Bill) Black, will describe this relatively unknown part of Scotland's industrial history and highlight the artefacts and evidence that can be still be found in that locale.

The monument to the Millhouse Powder Works, 
Cowal Peninsula which was in operation between 
1839 and 1921; it comprises a test mortar, the 
timekeeping bell and a plaque commemorating 
employees who died in accidents. (© W.B. Black)